General Instruction
 Attendance in prayer, physical training, social service assignments, sports and games, Yoga and Meditation classes and extension lecture of Saturday etc. is compulsory. Absence in any one of them would be treated as absent for the whole days and student fined accordingly.

Students coming late will not be allowed to attend classes.

Parents and servants also will not be allowed to meet a student during school hours. In special cases and emergencies they would be required to contact the Principal and seek permission.

Every student must be present on the day the school reopens after each vacation.

Parents are advised to plan their holidays according to the vacation fixed by the school.

It is also advisable that parents do not disturb their child to attend weddings and other functions during the academic period.

No student can leave school premises during school hours without the written permission of the Principal.

Leave application must be submitted before they are enjoyed. Only the signature of parents / guardians will make them authentic. Absence without leave application would be fine Rs. 10/- per day for a week. Absence after a week without application would be charged Rs. 50/- per day for another week. A fortnight absence without information and leave application will result into termination from the school.

Regular Medical Check-up by the appointed experts of Shri Chandracharya Charitable Hospital & Research Center would be done to ensure good health. Absentees would be required to deposit Rs. 30/- if they miss a single check-up in the hospital for re-check-up and entry to the effect duly made in the Medical Card of the students.

The Principal has right to suspend any student if his / her conduct and / or progress is not satisfactory.

Suggestions / complaints, if any, should be lodged in writing and in confidence to the Principal.